STCE Update May 2022

STCE are pleased to welcome Kevin Oubridge as the new Shropshire & Telford Big Solar Co-ordinator.  We look forward to working with Kevin on delivering rooftop solar sites across the area.

We can confirm that STCE is now fully constituted (FCA Registration 8829) and we have our own bank account with Unity Trust Bank.

Negotiations with CoRE re taking on Twemlows have dragged on over the last year but finally seem to have some momentum.  We have agreed to appoint Dave Green as our representative to the central board that will manage the final negotiations and the portfolio of sites ongoing.  As Dave was our Secretary previously that means we are looking for a new secretary.  If you’d like to help us deliver community owned renewables in Shropshire & Telford please get in touch (

In the last few months we have also lost Nick Saxby who’s moved to Scotland & Naomi Wrighton, thanks to both of those for their input over the last two years.  That means we also need help with the website, social media & our newsletter, again please get in touch if you’re interested.

Meanwhile MEA have delivered a webinar on their work on Renewable Energy in the Marches, the results of that work can be found here,

And Sharenergy have carried on working on the Bishop’s Castle Heat & Wind project on our behalf, for updates see,

Lastly we have donated £5k each from the Twemlows Community benefit fund to the Lightfoot Home Energy Surveys and Park Lane Community Centre.